Monday, December 27, 2010

resurrection plant

A resurrection plant looks as though it would be a fascinating plant to grow. I remember seeing these advertised in the backs of magazines and mail-order catalogs of novelty companies.

What a great plant that this would be to grow because if I forgot to water it, it will just come back to life by adding some water. It would seem to be a low maintenance plant. Has anyone ever had any experiences with this plant. Whenever I go to the stores I am keeping an eye out for them.

Here I am in sunny Florida and just look at the ice on this tree from the freezing night-time temperatures that we have been having.

Icicles in Florida does seem strange. These icicles formed from a sprinkler that was turned on during an overnight freezing temperatures and the water froze onto the tree forming the icicles. These bring back memories from my childhood when I was fascinated by the icicles hanging from the eaves of our house in the winter time in New York. Have an enjoyable week wherever you may live. Lew

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