Thursday, December 16, 2010

no place like home

I was in the front yard looking up at the trees when I spotted what I thought was a bird nest high up in the tree. I kept moving around under the tree to try and get a better look at it.

It sure looked like a nest to me. It is amazing how a bird is able to construct a nest out of nothing but some twigs. What a great view the birds must have from the nest.

Yeah, it is definitely a bird's nest. It may be empty now as we enter into the winter season but I am sure that it will be occupied come spring. It may not look like much right now but I am sure also that for the little chicks destined to be born here that "there is no place like home" with their mother to keep them warm from the cold.

Just look at the detaiI that can be seen in the nest. I could barely see the nest from the ground but through the magic of telephoto close-up photography and magnifying the image, the nest appears as if I were standing right next to it and only inches from it. I have a lot of fun with my digital camera. I will keep an eye out on the nest this spring to see what species of bird will be nesting in it. I will put out some food for the bird to try and make the mother's job of child (or chick) rearing a bit easier. Stay tuned as there will be more on the nest come spring. Lew

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